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Withdrawing funds from M2 is a simple process.

By following the steps below, you can withdraw your assets with ease.

Step 1: View Disclaimer

To start, user must view the disclaimer, which reminds them that the withdrawal address must be correct to ensure the safe transfer of funds.

Step 2: Check your available holding balance

You must check your available holding balance of the asset that you wish to withdraw.

You can click on the tooltip to view a breakdown of your balance.

Step 3: Input Asset Amount

You must input the asset amount you want to withdraw.

Step 4: Choose Chain and Input Withdrawal Address

The available chains for withdrawal are displayed, and you can choose the one that suits you best.

After selecting the chain, you must input the withdrawal address. If the address format is invalid, an error message will appear.

Step 5: Validate Transaction Conditions

User must click continue to preview the transaction.

The following conditions must be validated before proceeding:

  • Your available balance must be more than the withdrawal amount plus the fee.
  • The withdrawal amount must not be less than the minimum amount allowed per time.
  • The withdrawal amount must not be more than the maximum allowed amount per time.
  • The accumulated withdrawal amount per day must not be more than the minimum allowed amount per day.
  • The accumulated withdrawal amount per month must not be more than the maximum allowed amount per month for the customer tier.

Step 6: Preview Transaction Confirmation

After validating the conditions, a withdrawal transaction confirmation pop-up window will appear displaying the following details:

  • The received asset amount and the amount in USD.
  • The estimated fees in asset amount and amount in USD.
  • The network chosen in the previous steps.

Step 7: Passing 2FA(Two factor authentication)

You must click on 'Confirm and Send' and proceed to 2FA.

Step 8: Final Validation

The final validation will be on the your balance, maximum and minimum allowed per day/month/year, and the asset's status.

Step 9: Frozen Withdrawal Amount

After confirming the withdrawal, the withdrawal amount will be frozen in the withdrawing account type.

Step 10: Cancel

While withdrawing, you have the option to cancel the withdrawal and navigate back to the asset detail page if you change your mind.

Withdrawing funds from M2 is a straightforward process, clients must take the necessary precautions to ensure that the withdrawal address is correct and that they meet the withdrawal conditions before confirming the transaction.

It is highly recommended to conduct thorough research prior to making any financial decisions. Please note that this article's purpose is solely for educational purposes and the author and the organization, M2, do not influence the reader's investment or trading choices.

Kareem Basyouni

Kareem comes with 19 years experience in Operations and Customer experience with extensive global exposure in various fields and fintech. In 2019 Kareem discovers the crypto world in depth and becomes an enthusiast while he believes crypto is the future and financial freedom. Joined M2 in 2022 and is leading the Global Customer Experience for the exchange.

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