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This offer is valid for the first 1,000 new users up to USDT 1,000 rebate

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Valid from 14th February 2024 to 14th March 2024

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The trading fee rebate (up to USDT 1,000) will be credited to your account by 18th March 2024


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Frequently Asked Questions

Zero Trading Fees campaign Terms & Conditions

  • The "Zero Trading Fees" promotion on M2 Futures starts on 14th February, 2024 at 14:00 GST and ends on 14th March, 2024 at 14:00 GST (the "Promotion Period"). 
  • Eligible users are defined as new M2 users registered on or after 14th February, 2024 14:00 GST or M2 users who are previously registered but haven’t yet completed KYC. 
  • M2 users that meet the following conditions (the "Promotion Conditions") within (the “Promotion Period”) will be eligible for the fee rebate.
  • Only eligible users who complete all Promotion Conditions within the Promotion Period, and have activated their M2 Futures Trading Feature, are eligible for a claim of rebate.
  • Only users who activate their Futures account will be eligible for the fee rebate. Check how to activate your Futures account here.
  • Upon activating the Futures Trading feature, eligible users will have access to Futures Trading and they will be successfully admitted to participating in the Zero Fee Futures Trading Promotion.
  • This promotion is only open to users in countries where M2 provides services. Users from unsupported countries will not be able to pass M2 verification. See Terms of Service.
  • The total fee rebate pool is USDT 1,000,000 (Limited to 1,000 Users of a maximum of USDT 1,000 per user). 
  • Eligible users who meet the promotion conditions will receive up to USDT 1,000 Fee Rebate on their Futures Trading by 18th March, 2024 at 14:00 GST. 
  • Eligible users will get USDT Futures Trading Fee Rebate when the promotion period ends. The Trading Fee Rebate will get credited to the user’s account on 18th March, 2024 at 14:00 GST. An email will be sent to the user with information about the Trading Fee Rebate. 
  • Transactions that are made specifically for this promotion only will be counted in the performance of this promotion.  
  • Only Futures trading volume during the Promotion Period will be eligible for the promotion. 
  • Trades that incur negative maker fees are not fully covered by the fee rebate. 
  • Funding Charges to maintain an open position are not part of the fee rebate.  
  • Sub-accounts and total fee will be calculated, and the Trading Fee Rebate will be decided accordingly. 
  • Each M2 account can only participate once and claim one rebate during the Promotion Period. 
  • This promotion should not be considered a recommendation or a suggestion to buy or sell crypto assets or any other digital asset products. Trading in Virtual Assets can be highly risky and volatile. Please review M2’s Terms of Service for more details.  
  • Please note that the value of the rebate may fluctuate and may not be equal in value at the time a recipient has the ability to withdraw based on market fluctuation. Prices of digital assets can and do fluctuate at any moment. Due to such price fluctuations, you may increase or lose value in your assets at any given moment. 
  • M2 reserves the right to determine and change the rules of the promotion at any time without further notice, including but not limited to canceling, extending, or terminating this promotion, modifying the eligibility conditions for users participating in the Campaign, and adjusting the Campaign and rebate rules, and all participants shall be bound by these revised terms. 
  • During the Promotion Period, M2 reserves the right to disqualify any participants who engage in dishonest or abusive activities during the event, including bulk-account registrations to farm additional bonuses, reusing chain funds, and any other activities in connection with unlawful, fraudulent, or harmful purposes. 
  • Please see M2’s Terms of Service for more information. M2 reserves the right to final interpretation of this promotion. Please contact the customer service team if you have any questions. 
  • This offer is from M2 Global Wealth Limited which is a registered Digital Asset Business and is regulated and authorised by the Securities Commission of The Bahamas. This offer is not a product or from M2 Limited which is regulated and authorized by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Abu Dhabi Global Market.
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